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GPMI LTD offers an advice, provides connection via their network of educational, research , development and industry experts – offers specialized courses and certification for MBA , EMBA and specialized managerial advanced courses

Theses are designed to equip students, business leaders, managers,company officers and experts in public,private and not for profit industries in their managerial fields with the managerial tactics, knowledge, competences, skills, organizational behaviour, HR and change management strategies, integrity and ethics ,financial and operations management and other resources/environmental,social media,distance,on line, mix and hybrid learning strategies and approaches, pre and post covid consideration-in/out,re- engineering and crisis management adjustments,damage control,media -PR,communication,project, integrity,responsible and innovation management/ utilized by today’s and future high-profile business leaders through principles of responsible management education,community and diversity management, social and socio-politically sound engagement to instill long lasting positive impact for all stakeholders involved, meeting and exceeding your expectations and beyond
More about PRME methods applied utilizing in our institute and own and co-research i.e.
in Dr Peter Odrakiewicz V.Professor co-author of an MBA world famous and renowned MBA teaching toolkit titled
Anti-corruption Guidelines (“Toolkit”) for MBA Curriculum Change July 2012: A Project by the Anti-Corruption Working Group of the Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) Initiative, United Nations Global Compact
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Crisis-Prevention,Anti-Violence, Emergency , Health-Safety Anti-Threat training,Non-Violent Crisis Intervention and Self-Defense techniques Level I-V

You will learn crisis-prevention, aggression prevention , communication in crisis situation, non-violent crisis intervention, health ,safety and emergency procedures.


and UN

OECD resources

Principles of Marketing

An introductory course in basic marketing principles is viewed from the perspective of a marketing manager. Topics covered include the marketing concept, product analysis, consumer behavior, channels of distribution, pricing, promotion, international marketing, and marketing’s role in society.

Organization and Management

Introductory study of management processes within profit and non-profit organizations. Emphasis on behavioral issues as applied to organizations, such as motivation, teams, perception, and organizational development.

Innovation Management

In this course you will learn how organizations are managing the next paradigm of innovation to compete and lead.

Customer Service Management

How smal, medium enterprises, and organizations are taking advantage of innovative customer service management solutions.

Customer Relationship Management

You will learn how to apply CRM concepts in your present or new company, the ideas behind customer behaviour, equity including brand equity, value equity and relationship equity. We will cover various direct, indirect and electronic customer contact channels including dealing with challenging customers and recovering from crises.

Integrity Management

Core of integrity management course is the belief that companies have a strong interest, as well as a responsibility, to act with integrity at all times. You will learn how to become a leader managing with integrity and at the same time improve your competitive position.