Instructions for the authors

Ghostwriting and guest authorship

The ghostwriting occurs when the author of an article does not reveal contributions of other authors as co-authors to the publication nor does the contributors are listed in the acknowledgement. The guest authorship occurs when the author contribution is very little or none and yet they are listed as the author or co-author of a publication.

This type of situations indicate to the lack of scientific integrity, honesty and respect. The GMPJ team strongly objects to the ghostwriting and guest authorship acts. Therefore, in order to prevent ghostwriting and guest authorship the authors are required to reveal the contribution of other authors to the publication; together with their affiliations and type of contribution, i.e. who is the author of the concept, ideas method, etc. used while preparing the article for publication.

In case any ghostwriting or guest authorship has been traced, the editor’s office will immediately reveal and publish such cases, and the appropriate institutions will be informed (institutions employing the authors, scientific associations, editorial associations,etc.). The GPMJ will documentt all cases of scientific dishonesty.