English, Business English, Medical English Courses and Training

English for Academic Preparation (EAP)

Global Partnership Management Institute offers 2-8 months EAP program. This program is preparing you for the challenges of post-secondary academic studies or career advancement.

English Language and Communication in Organization Studies

This program will improve your language and comunication skills for work, further training and study purposes.

Business English for Company and University Studies

Business English Course is designed to improve your everyday business communication and promote interactions in business, economics and related areas.

Short Term English Communication Studies and Matura Preparation Courses

For students that need a degree of flexibility in their lives, structured to meet your needs. One to one tutoring and conversational courses.

Medical English Course/ 1 to 1 Tutoring and Conversation

Medical English students are doctors, nurses and other health practitioners studying to advance their career and to allow them to communicate fluently in all medical areas.

Business Administration for You and Your Company

For professionals requiring consultation, form completion, business advice regarding communication in and out of the organization allowing them to better compete in a complex globalized environment.